Benefits of Drupal 8 in Higher Education

Higher education institutions looking to adopt Drupal as their website platform, or those currently using the Drupal 7 platform, would be well advised to consider the advantages of Drupal 8. Of course, as the current, latest version, Drupal 8 is the logical choice for a “greenfield” project, where Drupal is not currently in use. This article will review the benefits of upgrading to Drupal 8 can provide to your institution.

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What is accessibility and why is it important?

Just as YMCAs welcome people of all ages and backgrounds in the real world, those core values can and should carry through into the digital space.

Engaging with Acquia

Recently, we were proud to sponsor and exhibit at Acquia Engage, held in Austin.  In addition to the engaging conversations with attendees and the delicious food which the team sampled in the city, it was great to see the emphasis Acquia is placing on developing their full product suite and roadmap for growth.

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Welcome to our first Open Y newsletter, showcasing the latest news and updates along with a big welcome to the newest YMCA's to join the Open Y community.


SEO and Digital Marketing

The Organic Search channel is an important source of website traffic.  Of the Open Y digital experiences, we’ve launched to date, organic search traffic represents over 55% of users.

Looking ahead to Acquia Engage

This year’s Acquia Engage, held in Austin TX, November 7th – 9th, will discuss optimizing the digital journey. The event brings together Acquia partners and customers from multiple industries to showcase the most advanced digital projects across the network. Across four tracks – Build, Manage, Optimize and Focus On – attendees will be exposed to a wide range of topics including emerging trends in digital.

Open Y Summit 2018

This week the team attended the Open Y Summit in Minneapolis, a two-day event designed to encourage learning and knowledge sharing as the Open Y community looks to transform digital experience amongst YMCAs. The event brought together 116 organizations from across North America with ImageX sponsoring as the leading agency partner.

What is the Open Y Initiative?

In the United States the YMCA serves about 20 million consumers. The structure of the YMCA creates a lot of autonomy which can lead to digital waste and redundancy.

Drag & Drop Page Builders for Drupal

According to the Web Technology Survey for March 2018, Drupal is ranked the third most popular CMS in the world. Approximately 2.2% of all sites on the Web are based on this engine not to say among the resources using CMS, the share of Drupal reaches 4.3%. Perhaps, Wordpress surpasses Drupal its popularity but the fact remains: this is an excellent open source content management system to create modern sites, whether a personal blog or an online store. Unlike WordPress, Drupal is more powerful and flexible, which means you’ll have more options and features to use.

Top Drupal Modules and Plugins in 2018

Essential Drupal Modules & Plugins

Drupal is one of the most popular open source platforms. The flexibility and uniqueness of this content-management framework enables you to create incredible websites. If you require more functionality, there are thousands of Drupal modules and plugins out there to help you achieve your goals. Considering how different plugins and modules can benefit your digital experience in different ways, it can be tough to choose the right ones.